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The 5 Steps to Making Short-Term Rental Millions (Part 1)

Short-term rentals have taken the world by storm. Over the past two decades, the bed and breakfast type business has fallen prey to the more scalable short-term rental model. Real estate investors quickly realized that they could capitalize on the long-term equity gain of rental properties with the cash flow of hotels in one highly-lucrative asset class. Thus, the rise of the short-term rental, VRBO, and Airbnb investor was born.

Arguably the most notable short-term rental investor in the space today is good friend of the show, Rob Abasolo. Rob is such a pioneer in the short-term rental investing area, that veteran agent, broker, and investor David Greene, has partnered up with him to collectively build their cash-flowing, equity-increasing empire together. With dozens of deals under both of their belts, Rob and David walk through the five steps that it takes to find success in the short-term rental space.

This episode is split up into two sections, with the latter coming out right after this one. In this show, Rob dives deep into finding a short-term rental market that fits your needs and goals, choosing a location that specifically benefits you as the investor, the different types of short-term rentals, and how to build a vacation rental strategy that will match your goals for financial independence. Whether you’re thinking of buying a snowy chateau or a desert domicile, Rob and David will help you put the pieces together so you can build a strong portfolio that will benefit you for decades to come.
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Episode 578

Show notes at: https://www.biggerpockets.com/show578?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=none

0:00 Intro
3:54 Step 1: Choosing a Short-Term Rental Market
11:41 Cash Flow vs. Appreciation
16:34 Step 2: Choosing Your Location
22:20 Out-of-State Investing vs. Local Investing
26:14 The 4 Short-Term Rental Categories
33:34 Vendor Availability, Competition, and Market Growth
37:14 Vacation Rental Seasonality
40:44 Step 3: Short-Term Rental Strategies
43:38 The Time Commitment of Running Vacation Rentals
46:56 How Much Risk (and Growth) Can You Handle?
50:10 Remodeling Your STR
53:59 Outro

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