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The 6-Figure House Flipping Formula ($272K Profit Example)

House flipping is one of the fastest ways to build wealth in the entire real estate investing arena. With just one deal, you could make many multiples of a six-figure salary. Just ask Leka Devatha, who made a mind-boggling $272,000 profit on her latest fix and flip. But this huge profit wasn’t created by accident or by a beginner, it was done by a seasoned, experienced home flipper who knew the ins and outs of the fix and flip analysis.

So how do you get this good at fix and flipping? It’s not impossible, but it may take some trial and error. Thankfully for you, Leka is here to drop some of the knowledge that she’s learned over flipping hundreds of homes and walking away with some six-figure profits. The most important part of any real estate analysis is knowing your numbers. What are your acquisition, holding, and rehab costs, and what could the house sell for even if the market takes a dip?

If you can answer all these questions, you have a high chance of being able to profitably fix and flip a home without a ton of hiccups. And, if you’re lucky enough (like Leka), you might just overshoot expectations and take home an even bigger share of the profits than you had expected. The only way to find out? Try the tips Leka gives in this video!

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00:00 How to Underwrite and Analyze a Flip
00:44 3 Numbers You Need to Know
02:07 The Costs to Account For
02:50 Leka’s Latest $272K Fix and Flip

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