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The $70K House Flipping Fail | Before and After, Final Numbers

House flipping fails are common— don’t get mistaken about it. No matter how many times you watch HGTV or home flipper YouTube videos, the fact is that if you flip, you will fail from time to time. Sometimes you’ll lose a few thousand dollars or barely break even, but other times, you lose a massive amount on mistakes that weren’t yours to make! But this isn’t a sore subject for everyone’s favorite flipper, Tarl Yarber.

Tarl is here to ensure that every new home flipper, BRRRRer, and real estate investor doesn’t make the mistakes he did. Even pros, like Tarl, who have been doing this type of work for decades, still get caught from time to time. But, as Tarl says, if you haven’t lost money, you haven’t been in the game long enough!

He walks through everything about this deal-turned-disaster, from the purchase price to rehab costs, permitting issues, renovation mistakes, final numbers, and much more. Even if you’ve been in this game for a while, take it from Tarl that making mistakes isn’t something you ever stop doing. But, doing so may open you up to better deals, opportunities, and advantages in the future.

00:00 Losing $70K on ONE Deal
02:40 Before Photos
06:00 Tight Margins = Risky Deals
08:19 After Photos
10:20 Final Numbers
14:18 Mistake 1: Permits
15:46 Mistake 2: Going Overbudget
17:04 Losing $70K
21:03 Tarl’s Takeaways

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