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The Fed: “Sorry, Party’s Over” (Interest Rates Update)

The Fed has been targeting a rise in interest rates as inflation and asset prices have soared to record heights. Over the past two years, we’ve seen a tsunami of printed money hit the market, and as a result, the everyday essentials Americans need have become unaffordable. One of the commodities seeing price spikes? Shelter. Home prices and rent prices have gone up double-digit percentages in hotspots around the country.

This begs the question: will rising interest rates finally slow down the housing market, or is there too much demand for interest rates to make a difference?

If you want in-depth answers to questions just like this, tune in to Dave’s newest show, “On The Market” starting April 11th. Dave will be joined by industry titans Henry Washington, James Dainard, Jamil Damji, and Kathy Fettke to discuss everything going on in today’s housing market so you can make smarter, more confident investing decisions.

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00:00 Listen to “On The Market” Starting April 11th!
01:19 Is The Party Over?
04:17 Should We Be Concerned Over Interest Rates?
06:47 Will Home Prices Decline?

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