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The Future of Content Websites: How To Profit From Them with Joe Valley

What’s the future of content websites and how can you profit from them? That’s what Joe Valley from Quiet Light Brokerage is going to share today.

Some of the insights you’ll hear include…

– What’s happening in the marketplace with buying and selling websites and how you can set yourself up for what’s coming

– Why sellers love selling content sites and why buyers love buying them

– The profitability of content sites VS. eCommerce sites

– How a basic Amazon review site, bought for $2,000, is now valued at over $1M

– What niche got the highest multiple in 2021 and 5 other weird and wonderful niches that sell for multiples

– The 1 common trait that hurts people’s chances of success (and the 1 trait you must develop, to be successful at anything)

– Why Joe sets goals with dollars, dates, and feelings (and why the feelings part is critical to your success)

– Plus hear how you can get a free copy of Joe’s new book, EXITPreneur’s Playbook.

If you enjoy this interview, click the ‘thumbs up button’ and subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/mattandlizraad?sub_confirmation=1

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00:00 Joe Valley Quiet Light Brokerage
02:50 Closed 2021 with $210 million in website transactions
05:30 Why content sites are 4x more profitable
19:58 Why set goals with dollars, dates and feelings
23:43 What companies buy content websites
28:20 Free Copy of Joe Valley’s Book, The EXITpreneur’s Playbook

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