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The House Hack From Hell That Made Me $1,000,000

House hacking is great. But what if you have a family? You’re probably thinking, “maybe some twenty-five-year-old can do this, but what about me? I’ve got a spouse, kids, and pets to take care of!” This thought stops most real estate investors from house hacking, but it probably shouldn’t. Chris Lopez, master house hacker, discovered this strategy in his mid-thirties after he already had children. Chris didn’t want to pack up and move every year, so what did he do?

Chris has his own version of a house hack. Well, it’s more like a “hell hack” based on who’s evaluating it. It has allowed Chris to grow his wealth significantly, buy three more rental properties, and greatly reduce his stress on the day-to-day. This type of house hack may not be for everyone, but for those with children, or a lot of stuff, this could be the perfect strategy for you!

Chris will touch on everything from the design of the house, how he pulled money out to buy more properties, the appreciation, cash flow, and everything in between. If you apply the same strategy, you too could be living at a steep discount, with a pretty sweet garage/home gym combo!

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00:00 Chris’ Own House Hack!
07:17 What is “Hell Hacking?”
02:14 Touring the Mother-in-Law Suite
03:25 The Pros Of the Property
06:16 The Family-Finances Win-Win
07:06 Is Living With Your In-Laws Worth It?
08:12 From One Property to Three
11:12 Making a Million from One House Hack
12:31 Takeaway: ANYONE Can House Hack!

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