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The Housing Market Sees “Soft Spots” as Rents Continue to Rise

The housing market is taking a bit of a tumble, even as rising rents continue to make real estate investing profitable. Soft spots are starting to show around many markets, specifically in one type of property. This opens up an opportunity for new and established real estate investors who have been waiting for the moment to strike. But, that doesn’t mean that every type of house is seeing a drop-off in demand. Many homes on the market are still seeing bidding wars, even as interest rates rise.

David Greene and Kyle Renke are back to give you up-to-date, fact-first opinions on what’s going on in the real estate market and where we’re headed. To start, Kyle is helping his clients buy properties located in soft spots around Sacramento, allowing them to take tens of thousands off the listing price. Kyle gives some advice on how to find these high-opportunity houses that are hiding in plain sight.

David and Kyle also touch on buying vs. renting in 2022 and what to do as rent prices continue to outpace expectations. Both David and Kyle agree buying real estate makes sense, but you’ll need to have patience and persistence in this type of market if you want to find deals that other investors would overlook.

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00:00 How to Find “Soft Spots” in The Housing Market
01:42 Indicators of a “Soft Spot”
05:58 Buying vs. Renting in Today’s Housing Market?
07:26 Rents are Still Rising
08:40 Advice for New Homebuyers

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