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The Housing Market “Splits” As a Correction Takes Shape

What happened to the good ol’ housing market days? A few years ago, double-digit percentage home price growth would have been astounding—but now it’s something most homebuyers expect. We’ve been stuck in a real estate fantasy since 2020, but things are starting to change. Days on market are up, home prices are heading down, and some markets went from “red hot” to “overpriced” in only a matter of months. Is a housing crash on the way, or is this merely a correction?

We woke Dave Meyer out of his data daze to give you the housing market forecast you need to keep getting deals done. Dave’s team has seen signs of a correction slowly creeping in since the start of summer, but now he’s quite confident that we’re already over the cliff. But, is a housing correction a precursor for an even larger real estate crash? Instead of predicting what will happen, Dave has brought four of the most important metrics to show which housing markets are falling and which are still strong.

If you’re poised to build wealth, invest in real estate, and reach financial freedom, stick around. This data will help you keep a cool head when buying, selling, or bidding on a new property!

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00:00 Real Estate Correction or Crash?
01:10 What’s Happening in The Housing Market?
03:24 Is a Crash About to Happen?
05:58 Focus On Your Local Market
07:47 Are the Headlines Right?
08:35 How to Forecast Housing Market Movement
10:06 Construction’s Impact on Real Estate
11:08 Prepare for Increased Volatility

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