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These Housing Markets Have HUGE Potential in 2023

Worldwide housing markets have been on a correction course for the past few months. With interest rates rising faster than ever before, home sellers have had to react by lowering their prices from record highs only a year or so ago. And with home sales starting to drop, prices being lowered, and affordability hitting all-time lows, many real estate investors are taking a back seat to buying, waiting for the market to play out first. But there’s hope on the horizon, especially in three specific markets.

Dave Meyer, host of “On the Market” and VP of Data and Analytics at BiggerPockets, took a coast-to-coast view, searching for a few markets with profit potential in 2023. While not every market will have high cash flow, appreciation potential, and a strong local economy, each of these three cities offers one thing that the others don’t. This means that if you’re on a crusade for financial freedom-generating cash flow, you can invest. Or, if you don’t care for cash flow but would rather have long-term wealth through appreciaiton, you also have options.

Dave breaks down each of the most important metrics of these real estate markets, what they could mean for future investors, and which parts of the county have the best buying opportunity. So, don’t be spooked by the media scare tactics, be like Dave, and look at the data first!

00:00 Not a Normal Housing Market
02:00 3 Very Different Markets
03:00 Median Sales Price
06:34 Median Days on Market
07:40 Median Rent
09:23 Population Growth
10:46 Economic Growth
13:07 Pros and Cons of Each City
17:29 How to Find Local Investing Experts

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