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This Week in WordPress #204

Another week, and we’re bringing you the latest WordPress news from the last seven days, including…

– WordPress 5.9.3 has been released, so go get updated.
– WordPress contributors host a live 6.0 walkthrough.
– #WPDrama – WordPress.com changes their pricing / allowances, then changes them again after public outcry.
– Elementor now has Flexbox support.
– JetPack adds the ability to create QR codes and add Openverse images.
– Google says that A.I. generated content is going to be marked as spam, IF they can find it.
– Crypto hacks leads to $1.3 of losses in Q1 of 2022 alone.

There’s a whole lot more than this, as there is each and every week, and you can find all that by go to the episode…

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