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This Week in WordPress #228

The WordPress news from last week…

Another week, and we’re bringing you the latest WordPress news from the last seven days, including…

– Turns out that there’s two of me in the ‘This Week in WordPress’ show, which is odd!
– Some new interface changes in WordPress this week including a distraction free more.
– Find all your Black Friday Deals in one handy page.
Elon bought Twitter, and now that you know that, are you going to stay there?
– Cloudflare Turnstile is a reCaptcha alternative and there’s a plugin to enable it throughout WordPress.
– and pig vomit toxin key to Martian meteorite mystery, yes, really!

There’s a whole lot more than this, as there is each and every week, and you can find all that by scrolling down and clicking on the links here:

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