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Today’s Shaky Housing Market and 6 Ways NOT to Get Burnt

The housing market is shaky. New investors are starting to fear that a real estate crash is imminent while experienced operators are quickly selling off their poor-performing properties. What’s the best move when you don’t know which direction the housing market could go next? Thankfully, even during anxiety-inducing times, there are real estate investing fundamentals that keep investors from losing money, and in some cases, make even more than they did before.

Tarl Yarber was witness to how rapidly The Great Recession almost eliminated most real estate investors. Many of these industry “veterans” had never been through that type of housing market hysteria, and as a result, they applied the wrong rules to a terrible real estate market. But now, fourteen years later, we have twenty-twenty hindsight, and we don’t need to make the same mistakes.

Tarl has changed his business structure to fit the needs of today’s market, and you can too! He brings along six strategies that any real estate investor, no matter experience or unit count, can use to build wealth, mitigate risk, and make it out alive during an oncoming economic recession or potential housing market crash.

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00:00 The Housing Market is Changing
02:09 1. Adjust Your Analysis
05:33 2. Tolerate Shorter Timelines
06:38 3. Widen Your Margins
07:58 4. Don’t Chase the Market
09:34 5. Have Multiple Exit Strategies
10:48 6. Sit Tight
12:35 No Market Only Goes Up

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