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Turnkey Property Tour | 1537 Bacon Ave, Anniston | Alabama

First of all, I love bacon. I would not be sad to own an investment property on Bacon Ave., but I digress.

This turnkey property in Anniston, Alabama has great numbers and is located in a perfect area of town close to downtown Anniston. It is more of a C to C+ neighborhood (which is lower than this turnkey provider typically deals with) but supposedly it is a high-demand area for rentals, so I am excited to share it with you.

When it comes to features, you will see that there is a great yard, lots of storage space, all the bells and whistles i.e., granite countertops, LVP flooring, and so on, and stupidly high cash flow! Check out the numbers below:

Price $110,000
$425/month cash flow after mortgage
20.2% cash-on-cash return

What are your thoughts on this property? Leave a comment and let me know!

Disclaimer: All information contained in this video is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. No warranties are made as to the accuracy of any descriptions and/or other details regarding the specific property presented and I make no guarantee, warranty or representation as to the property, seller, or the current or future performance of the property.

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