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What Real Estate Code Words Actually Mean on the MLS

Real estate code words are found in almost every property listing across the MLS. That 300 sqft studio? It’s not small, it’s “cozy.” What about that home across the street that had its copper wire ripped out? That’s what realtors would call a “handyman special.” And don’t even try and view a house that has “good bones,” unless you know a phenomenal engineer.

While this type of lingo can seem complicated for the first-time homebuyer or real estate investor, to top real estate agent David Greene, it’s part of just another day’s work. David and his team of real estate agents focus on finding the perfect home for aspiring house hackers, real estate investors, and everyone in between. So they’ve seen a fair amount of the real estate code words throughout hundreds of listings.

Today, David will do his best to decode those tricky real estate code words, so you don’t end up buying a cozy hidden gem that won’t last long and has great bones.

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