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What Will Cause the Next Housing Market Crash?

What will cause a housing market crash? A real estate crash may look like either a buying dream or a selling nightmare depending on who you are, but almost all of us can agree that the housing market is a little wild right now. Major news outlets have been telling us for months that a housing bubble is brewing and that a burst is on the horizon. But, with home prices still rising and demand not falling, how do we know whether or not housing market crash predictions aren’t just hype?

Dave Meyer (@thedatadeli), VP of Data and Analytics at BiggerPockets and “On The Market” podcast host is frequently asked, “when will we crash?” He’s heard so many differing opinions on the matter that he decided to compile all the data to see whether or not a crash or correction is on the horizon. Dave looks at housing supply, demand, interest rates, home prices, and more to conclude what could cause the next crash and when that could happen.

Are you anticipating a real estate crash sometime soon? If so, what data are you seeing that supports the crash claims? Let us know in the comments below!

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Data Sources Mentioned in This Video:
US Census: https://www.census.gov/en.html
FRED 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgages: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/MORTGAGE30US
Redfin Mortgage Payment Data: https://www.redfin.com/news/housing-market-update-monthly-mortgage-up-39pct/
MBA’s Weekly Applications Survey: https://www.mba.org/news-and-research/research-and-economics/single-family-research/weekly-applications-survey
General Redfin Market Data: https://www.redfin.com/us-housing-market
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00:00 Are We Close to a Housing Crash?
01:40 Get Ahead of The Market
02:38 Housing Supply and Demand
03:33 Demand Isn’t Going Down Enough
08:15 Supply is Staying Low
11:37 What Will Cause a Real Estate Crash?
14:23 Are We Entering Correction Territory?
15:57 All The Housing Data in One Place

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