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Why Are There No Houses On The Market?

The housing market has a problem: a lack of inventory. While this isn’t news to most Americans, many investors and first-time homebuyers are stuck struggling, not knowing when to enter the housing market while prices continue to climb. It seems that a 2020-sized “perfect storm” rolled in and caused the entirety of the home buying market to enter into a fixed-rate frenzy as more buyers than ever before bid on a tiny share of available homes.

So why is this happening? And if we know the reasons why, can we predict when it will end? Joining us again is Dave Meyer (@thedatadeli), to touch on the four reasons why the housing market seems so barren. Each of these four factors is working in tandem with one another to make 2022 a difficult year to buy. But, as we see rates start to rise and construction begin once again, are we heading towards temporary relief?

Where do you think we’ll be at the end of the year? Do you think that competition will stay as fierce throughout the whole year? Let us know in the comments below!

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Graphs Used in This Video:
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Will New Housing Starts Solve the Housing Shortage?
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00:00 What’s Causing the Inventory Crisis?
01:34 1. Economic Uncertainty
02:44 2. Homeowner Tenure
03:44 3. High Demand
04:49 4. Construction Lags
05:40 What About Foreclosures?

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