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Why “Smart Money” is Buying Real Estate as Interest Rates Rise

Interest rates are rising, but it’s not affecting the housing market exactly like the Fed would have wanted. With so much demand, not only from first-time homebuyers but investors, the housing market is still hot, with many properties selling over asking price and bidding wars remaining common. It’s tough trying to navigate through these wealth-building waters, especially as someone trying to get a loan for their first, or next, property.

Christian Bachelder, co-owner of The One Brokerage, is here to bring some light to the debt darkness so many of us find ourselves in. Christian works with numerous different types of homebuyers—house hackers, buy-and-holders, BRRRRers, and every other type of real estate investor. He’s seen how rising interest rates have affected the housing market and knows that even as rates rise, “smart money” continues to buy.

Christian gives some tips on how first-time homebuyers can stand out from the competition, get the dream house they want under contract, and how veteran real estate investors can qualify for loans without the conventional requirements. If you’re on the market for a new home, Christian is the man to listen to, and may be the perfect person to find you funding!

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00:00 Investor, Lender, and Engineer Christian Bachelder
02:30 Interest Rates Rising
07:04 Should You Still Buy Real Estate?
09:39 First-Time Homebuyer Loan Tips
11:45 Getting Fooled by “Teaser” Interest Rates
17:20 Investor-Friendly Mortgages and Home Loans
20:49 Work with Christian on Your Next Mortgage

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